Anything Goes - Cast List

Cast List - Anything Goes


Billy - James Ormondroyd

Reno - Abbie Law

Hope - Lily Young

Evelyn - Alfie Beaumont-Payne

Moonface - Sam Amos

Bonnie - Sally Hirst

Mrs Harcourt - Millie Leadbeater

Whitney - Max Debenham-Brooke


Chastity - Isobel Eklid

Purity - Chloe Armitage

Virtue - Emily Simpson-Cleghorn

Charity - Ellie Doran

Purser - Sam Amos

Captain - James Turton

Reporter - Jude Gentry

Photographer - Sasha Mills

Bishop - Alex Hainsworth

Steward - Elliott Cosgrove

Ching - Emily Barker

Ling - Naomi Ashforth

Girl 1 - Victoria Okele

Sailor 1 - Katie Smith

Drunk - Elliott Cosgrove

Sailor 2 - Louise Huddle

Girl 3 - Jemima Eklid


Dance Groups

Dance Group 1:

Carmen Booth

Chloe Armitage

Ellie Doran

Emily Simpson-Cleghorn

Louise Huddle


Dance Group 2:

Abygail Law

Emily Barker

Hannah Hirst

Isobel Eklid

Jude Gentry (Not Heaven Hop)

Joey Wilby (Not Heaven Hop)

Millie Leadbeater

Sasha Mills

Dance Group 3:

Aimee Hirst

Faye Oxley

Freya Thornton

Georgia Harris

Jemima Eklid

Katie Smith

Libby Doran

Lucy Barker

Milly Boocock

Olivia Amos

Victoria Okele



(And smaller parts to be allocated in rehearsal)

Abygail Law, Aimee Hirst, Alex Hainsworth, Amber Levy, Annabel Hogg, Carmen Booth, Charlotte Irwin, Chloe Armitage, Daisy Spencer-Littlewood, Ellie Doran, Elliott Cosgrove, Emily Barker, Emily Simpson-Cleghorn, Faye Oxley, Freya Thornton, Georgia Harris, Hannah Hirst, Holly Oxley, Isobel Eklid, James Turton, Jemima Eklid, Jude Gentry, Katie Smith, Libby Doran, Lois Jowett, Lola Okele, Louise Huddle, Lucy Barker, Madison Dodgson, Maria Titarenko, Milly Boocock, Naomi Ashforth, Olivia Amos, Sam Amos, Sasha Mills, Victoria Okele