Fame 2016

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Carmen Diaz - Eliza Duckworth
Nick Piazza - Alfie Beaumont-Payne
Serena Katz - Sasha Mills
Miss Sherman - Mia Debenham-Brooke
Schlomo Metzenbaum - Samuel Shingleton
Ms Bell - Ebony Jowett
Joe Vegas - Joey Wilby
Tyrone Jackson - James Ormondroyd
Iris Kelly - Hanna Hudson
Mr Myers - Jude Gentry
Goody King - Matthew Talbot
Grace Lamb - Millie Leadbeater
Mr Scheinkopf - Max Debenham-Brooke


Abi Harrison, Aimee Radley, Amber Levy, Annabel Hogg, Carmen Booth, Chelsea Keogh,
Cheya Watson, Chloe Armitage, Ellie Hodgson, Ellie Scholefield, Emily Barker, Eve Szwarc, George Donald, Grace Davy-Walker, Grace Gentry, Hannah Brayshaw, India Stoakes,
Isabelle Rhodes, Jack Penfield, Jaynie Holt, Jessica Crossley, Lily Marshall, Lois Jowett,
Lousie Huddle, Luke Thompson, Millie-Mae Pickles, Milly Boocock, Poppy Grainger-Mead,
Rosa Taylor, Ruby Taylor, Sadie Tidswell


Director / Choreographer - Richard Shingleton
Musical Director - Jessica Ward
Props / Set - Katherine and Steven Shingleton
Wardrobe - Joan Ward, Hannah Watson

Well done everyone!! You were all fantastic! It was a brilliant show, we really loved it.
— facebook
Thanks for all your hard work Richard and Jess, Matthew was buzzing he absolutely loves Youth Theatre
— facebook
Milly absolutely loved it, I can’t believe she was up there on stage after joining just 4 weeks ago. Thanks to all who organised such a great show!
— Facebook